The mother of all marketing!

Welcome to Mother Road Rally Marketing!

We built this site with the hopes of populating it with really cool, super informative, and amazingly useful marketing material.

As our main priority is internet marketing, we’ll be focusing on the big 6!

SEO, Web Design, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Marketing Strategy, and Social Media.

Marketing is so much more than SEO (which stands for search engine optimization), web design, online advertising, and marketing strategy. It’s all about delivering the most value you can, so customers truly WANT to buy from you.

Good SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is what allows your customers to find you on Google. And once they find you on Google what they do depends largely on your website.

This is where great web design comes into play. Your website needs to be responsive, well designed, and have good strategy behind it.

Once your online marketing uses good SEO and you have an awesome web design, then the next step is to start using online advertising. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, also known as Facebook advertising, are two of the best online marketing tools you can use.

They use something called PPC (which means pay-per-click) advertising and you can set the desired CPC (which means cost-per-click) so that you’re not charged more than you want to be.

Marketing is an important part of business, so make sure your business uses good SEO practices, that your business has a great looking and working website that uses good web design principles.

Also make sure that you’re using the best online advertising methods available through Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

If you’re going to do marketing, you might as well do it right.

There are 6 key parts to marketing. SEO, Web Design, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Marketing, and Social Media.

You can’t talk about online marketing these days without talking about social media.

From Facebook to Twitter, Google+ to LinkedIn, and Pinterest to Instagram, social media marketing is now an integral part of online marketing planning.

Marketing is all about talking to your customers where they are and how they want to be connected with, and today, there are just no better ways to do this than social media. It’s simply the most amazing marketing tool available.



SEO as we mentioned before stands for search engine optimization. It’s what allows Google to find you. If not Google, then at least Yahoo or Bing. These are the major search engines and we need to make sure your web design content has the information people want.

Web Design

Web design is all about making aesthetically pleasing websites so people will enjoy your company once they’ve landed on your page thanks to your amazing SEO and online advertising.

Google Adwords

Google adwords and PPC, CPC, are cost effective ways to advertise online.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads and advertising are another incredibly cost effective way to advertise online and allow for very targeted online advertising.



Marketing in this context stands for marketing strategy, it’s important that every marketing decision be based on sound marketing strategies and principles. Such as porters framework, or the Harvard business Review principles. Also be sure to look at these articles from Forbes and Time Magazine.

Social Media

Social media is all about the people, you need social media these days to effectively communicate the value of your business and talk to people where they are. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are all great places to start if you’ve never looked at social media before.

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